Alphakat Holdings International LTD, is a company registered in the Cyprus registrar of companies and is a partner of Alphakat Germany. It is the exclusive promoter and distributor of the Alphakat systems in Greece and Cyprus and has also been granted a non-exclusivity for all other countries worldwide except USA. Our aim and target is to promote the technology not only in Europe but Middle East, far East, far west, Africa and elsewhere.

Our company is a limited liability company interested mainly in the treatment of biomass and other burnable waste through an environmentally friendly method, having environmental benefits and no environmental negative impact. This, we believe, is achieved with the patented Alphakat KDV technology that Dr. Christian Koch has established. A technology that has no emissions and no pollutant releases to the atmosphere. The material outputs from the process are high quality synthetic biodiesel pure water and a residue of solid bitumen and can be utilized in the transport and energy production sector, for irrigation and as filler in the asphalt industry respectively.
Alphakat Holdings has been granted a 29000 sq.metres of land in the Koshi area of Larnaca, opposite the municipal solid waste treatment plant. Had applied and has been granted the environmental and planning permits for the installation of Alphakat KDV plant units which will treat woody biomass for the production of high quality synthetic biodiesel of specifications EN590 which will be utilized as a biofuel additive in the conventional EN590 diesel that is used in the transport sector, satisfying the strict European directive requirements for use of biofuels in that sector and will therefore help the fuel oil companies, supplying the market with diesel, of not having to seek biodiesel from abroad which is of much higher purchasing price.

Our company is manned with experienced and qualified engineers, with vast experience on energy aspects and firing as well as environmental management and pollution control. Together with the technology that we will install we therefore offer a non-toxic and non- pollutant production plant which will have zero negative impact on the environment.

Our plans is to show the capabilities of our technology and after our success to promote the technology to many other interested countries through interested investors who already approached us and expect to see the plant in Cyprus operating as reference. Our plant(s) will be the reference for the many investors, that showed interest, mainly from the countries surrounding our country and the Gulf region. The plant(s) will also be used as an educational and reference centre for many waste management institutes and researchers. Seminars will also be executed onsite for interested parties. One plant unit will be used for any trials that investors or even ourselves want to test with burnable waste materials.