The production of petroleum from organic material is researched and operated for over a hundred years. So far it works only with very low efficiency and serious pollution.

• 1913 Friedrich Bergius discovered such a method.

• 1923 Tropsch and Fischer developed the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process.

The aim was to allow the oil poor Germany a self-supply of diesel oil for fuel supply and chemistry. The efficiency and environmental impact remained largely disregarded. International was based on the FT process intensively eg research at VEBA and Ruhrkohle AG and developed. In Germany, operating plants have been shut down years ago due to low efficiency and high pollution according to this principle. In example, But SA, United States and China will continue to build and operate such facilities. If the process efficiency due to high process temperatures, with approximately 30 to 50%, however, is totally inadequate and continues to lead to huge waste of valuable resources and great pollution.