KDV technology – nature as example

Organic substances as brown coal, petroleum, plastic waste and plants as well as plant remains which do not come from the food chain are transformed chemically catalytically (not thermally!) into high-quality diesel oil, bitumen and water thanks to the patented KDV process.

The transformation of organic substances into diesel oil or bitumen of highest quality takes place pressureless –just as in nature– at low temperatures (less than 250 °C), but only in a few minutes in lieu of millions of years. (Organic substances with a high percentage of catalyst –just as brown coal– can be added to organic substances having only insufficient catalyst).

Global benefits

• Efficient handling of fossil resources – no impact on the environment

• Reduction of costs for electricity and fuels

• With the KDV process, it is possible to completely replace fossil fuels by renewable organic substances as plant, plant waste, wood chips and similar on a long-term basis.

• Nuclear power plants with special risks, in case of which the disposal of waste without any damage is still not clarified today, should also be a thing of the past in the future.